Industrial Services

We offer direct access to a developed network of infrastructure services to meet your manufacturing requirements.


Saturated steam is generated in three package boilers with a total installed capacity of 140,600kg/hr and a practical capacity of 81,650 kg/hr. Boiler #3 is capable of firing natural gas or No. 2 fuel oil, and is considered the primary boiler. Boilers No. 1 and No. 2 are back-up boilers capable of firing natural gas or No. 6 fuel. Steam is available to customers at 6 bar and 30 bar.



CIMC receives electricity from SCE&G through a single 115 KV transmission line. In the two substations feeding the line, SCE&G has automatic breaker reclosing systems that are used if a problem occurs on the line. CIMC distributes 13.8 KV from the main load center to site customers or to power transformers lowering the voltage to 480V or 2400V.

Compressed Air

The system has eight air compressors with their associated filters and coolers, five air dryers, one volume tank, a priority valve system, and the distribution piping. Currently, the site plant air requirements are supplied from the eight air compressors with a total capacity of 19,539 m3/hour. Compressed air is supplied at a minimum pressure 5.65 bar and a typical dew point of < -5 deg. C.

Process Water

The Site Process Water System consists of a river pumping station, a treatment plant, an elevated water tower, and the distribution piping. The system consists of many components to pump, treat and distribute process water to customers throughout the Site. The site plant water system is made up of parallel clarifier and filter trains with a total capacity of 16,353 m3/day. Recycled non-contact cooling water supplements the system with an additional 4,906 m3/day. Minimum pressure supplied is 5 bar.

Potable Water

The Berkeley County Water & Sanitation Authority is the supplier of potable water to CIMC. The Site Potable Water System consists of only the piping to distribute the Berkeley County potable water to the site’s various customers for drinking and other domestic use. The most significant usage is for safety showers and sprinkler systems.


Currently, the site nitrogen gas requirements are supplied by a cryogenic system owned, operated and maintained by Praxair. The system includes bulk liquid nitrogen storage tanks with atmospheric / steam evaporators that provide nitrogen gas sufficient to meet plant demand during power outages and maintenance. CIMC distributes the nitrogen gas to the site customers.


The CIMC refrigeration system supplies anhydrous ammonia to various locations throughout the site. The system consists of three compressors providing a total cooling capacity of 1,500 tons.

Wastewater Treatment - Tower Biology

The Tower Biology system is an above-ground aerobic, activated sludge treatment system consisting of equalization, neutralization, primary treatment, biological treatment, and sludge dewatering. The sustainable capacity is 14,969 kg/day BOD5. The system is designed with a significant amount of flexibility in dealing with spills and abnormal events. Spills can be routed to the buffer tank or one of the three equalization tanks. It is not necessary for tenants to install additional equalization equipment to deal with abnormal events. Pretreatment is not required.

Stormwater Management

The Charleston International Manufacturing Center at Bushy Park has an elaborate storm water collection system located within two drainage areas. Each of the drainage areas has associated holding ponds and outfalls.


A six-foot chain link fence protects CIMC’s perimeter. CIMC carefully controls site access is through manned gates, and camera-monitored, card-controlled employee gates.

Medical Services

CIMC maintains a fully-equipped infirmary and an ambulance on-site. Trauma kits are maintained throughout the facility.

Emergency Response

CIMC maintains a site-wide emergency phone extension (Extension 2222) for reporting emergencies, and a site-wide emergency radio system with a dedicated emergency channel (CH 1), and site-wide plant alarm and emergency public address (PA) system.

Waste Management Services

CIMC offers onsite waste management services tailored to meet your needs.


Our onsite maintenance team has robust experience and skillsets to respond to your maintenance requirements.

Storeroom Services

Our CIMC Storeroom maintains parts, safety gear and other items in inventory so you do not have to.

Cafeteria Services

Two onsite cafeterias serve breakfast and lunch at a reasonable price and good quality with a 21-day rotating menu.

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